Our Team

Bob James Mills has worn many hats as an entrepreneur, the latest of which is that of filmmaker as the creative vision behind Direct Experiences Films. Bob has always sought to know his Divine Purpose. He has studied metaphysics with Michael Bernard Beckwith since the early years of Agape International Spiritual Center. As a spiritual seeker, he has traveled to many mystical places on the planet, which has provided powerful inspiration for his musical endeavors. He studied Native Indian Flute with R. Carlos Nakai and music at California State University Northridge. He has written and produced several albums (Gentle Landscape), which are used by yoga practitioners and massage therapists internationally. For many years he taught children’s music and performed at school assemblies.

Michael Grab was born in Edmonton, Canada and relocated to Boulder, Colorando in 2002 to attend University. He stumbled upon the art of stone balance through an unexpected whim in the summer of 2008. Since then he has gained a local reputation for designing highly unlikely balanced rock formations up and down Boulder Creek, which flows through the heart of Boulder. While Michael is based in Boulder, he has also gone on to travel around the world to share his artistry and continue his creations in unique locations, including Sweden, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine and Canada. He plans to continue sharing the practice worldwide by performing, teaching, learning, and applying, his developing mastery of an ancient practice. http://gravityglue.com/

Andreas Hoenigschmid was born in Munich, Bavaria and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. He has always been fascinated with numbers, which in space unfold as geometry, and their inherent qualities. Beach art is one of the three pillars he finds to give him peace of mind. He finds drawing patterns and mandalas on the beach at low tide and seeing them being swept away to be true magic. Having the great Pacific and the moon as his partners in crime, his canvas is prepared every two weeks, Full and New Moon. Andreas also finds his peace through firedancing and patenting his own concept of complex cube structures with the help of magnets. https://www.geobender.com/

Daniel Kelly Brown is our cinematographer and is based out of Colorado.  He has spent the last decade honing his craft and creating compelling imagery for a huge range of clients as well as producing his own projects.  While Danny has achieved commercial success with his work, his personal projects continue to drive him and progress his art. His viral films have been screened and won awards at film festivals around the world. He is part cinematographer, part ninja. http://www.danielkellybrown.com/

Robb Hirsch is a biologist and natural historian with an intimate relationship with the natural world. He prefers spending extended periods in the backcountry to experience the natural history of the ecosystem at hand; his photography is an extension of this love for the natural world. Scouting locations incessantly, Robb attempts to combine alluring locations and complementary illumination. He enjoys shooting everything from wildlife to wildflowers, from grand landscapes to tiny abstracts. Robb’s images are known for their compelling subjects, careful compositions and fine light. http://www.robbhirschphoto.com/